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Growing Areas

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Growing Buildings

Timber Sheds

All our sheds are made from tongue and groove treated timber for extra durability. This includes the ceilings and floors. We can also erect the shed for you. 





6' x 4'




7' x 5'




8' x 6'




10' x 6'




10' x 8'





Our greenhouses are made from polycarbonate panels so there is no glass to shatter or break. The range supplied includes a roof vent, sliding front door and guttering for connecting to water butts if required. 

Size Price Erect Delivery*
6' x 8' £450 £280 £60
6' x 10' £530 £350 £80

We can also install concrete bases for the your sheds or greenhouses to provide a clean, solid and stable surface. Prices are subject to the ground being reasonably level and clear.

Size Price Size Price
6' x 4' £420 7' x 5' £600
8' x 6' £670 10' x 6' £730

Optional Extras

Item Price
Heavy Duty Shelf Kit For Green House £70
Water Butt 100ltrs inc fittings and stand £90

Raised Growing Beds

Heavy Duty Timber Beds

These raised beds are constructed out of pressure treated structural grade timber and are coated with additional wood preservers to give greater protection.  

All our raised beds are 450mm high and 1 meter wide, giving perfect access to the beds for young children to tend their crops.

 All our beds, except for the self assembly bed, include screened top soil.

Size Price
1x1 metres (inc 0.4m3 Soil) £200
2x1 meters (inc 0.8m3 Soil) £315
3x1 metres (inc 1.2m3 Soil) £420

Half Round Pole Timber Beds

These raised beds are constructed out half round poles that have been pressure treated and sanded.
Size Price
1x1 metres (inc 0.4m3 Soil) £175
2x1 meters (inc 0.8m3 Soil) £280
3x1 metres (inc 1.2m3 Soil) £385

Oak Sleeper Beds

These beds are constructed out new oak sleepers for prolonged durability. As the prices for oak fluctuate seasonally, please contact us for prices.

Self Assembly Beds

A quick and practical way to achieve a growing area using limited resources. These beds area made from 1" thick pressure treated timber and come with a slip in liner. The beds can be sited on concrete grass or tarmac. The side of the beds simply slot together, no tools required.
Size Price
1x1 metres £60

We can also supply the soils and composts for all your growing needs.

Bits & Pieces

Strawberry & Tomato Boxes

Our strawberry and tomato boxes are ideal for small areas where space is short. Each box comes full built and is supplied with a grow bag and canes ready to get things growing.

Qty Size Price
1 105x37cm £110
2-3 105x37cm £105
4+ 105x37cm £95

Heavy Duty Potting Table

These workbench provide a “stand up” work bench” for the outdoor classroom area. It is made from robust pressure treated timber. It can either be concreted into place placed or secured with brackets to a solid surface for stability or left free standing so it can be positioned where its needed at the time.  Each bench is half a meter wide and the height above ground can be determined by the average age of the children using it. Use the small ones for working in pairs or the bigger ones for collaborative working.

Size Price
1.5 meter long £280
2 metres long £420
3 meters long £560
3.5 meters long £630