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Fish FAQs

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When should I feed my fish?

Feeding is based on temperature. During the warmer months the fish are active and feeding. As it gets colder going into winter, the fish become slow, sluggish and go off their food. However, if it gets to hot, the fish stop feeding and the food rots causing poor water quality. Used the table below to determine a feeding routine. (the temperatures are average day time air temperatures)

Temp C

Temp F


Below 8

Below 46

Stop Feeding



Every other day



Once a day



Twice a day

Above 30

Above 86

Stop Feeding

How much should I feed them?

The fish should eat all of the food put into the pond within 2 minutes of active feeding. If there is any foodstuffs left then these will dissolve in the water and reduce the quality of the water and make your filtration system work harder. 

The fish should generally be fed on a feed to promote growth, such as trout pellets. When the temperature drops below 10 C then the foodstuff should be switched to a wheat germ based foodstuff.

How many fish will my pond hold?

Do not over stock your pond with fish. The environment and filtration systems can be overwhelmed if there are too many fish. This will lead to poor water quality which in turn leads to unhealthy fish.

Introduce new fish slowly, ideally in the spring as the water temperature reaches 10 C. The larger the fish, the longer it will take to settle in. 

For every 1cm of fish in the pond you need 60 square centimetres of surface area.

To calculate the maximum amount of fish your pond(s) will hold follow these steps:-

1: Calculate the surface area of your pond by multiplying the average length of the pond by its average width, in centimetres giving a value in square centimeters. eg: length 300cm by width 200cm = 60,000 square metres.

2: Divide this figure by 60 (being with surface area needed to support 1cm of fish) = 1000cm

3: This give a theoretical capacity of 66 mature fish averaging 15cm (6 inches) each in length. However, as fish grow, only stock 22 juvenile fish!

Do I need a filter and pump?

No. But a filtration system will greatly improve the water quality and clarity.

How often do I need to change the bulb in my filter?

The ultra violet bulb should be changed each and every spring. Important: Never look directly at the bulb to check that it is working.


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